Lessons from a Soap Bottle — All-One!

According to the Census Bureau’s web site, the current world population is somewhere in the neighborhood of seven billion, two hundred twenty-six million, nine hundred sixty-seven thousand… and then a few more after that. It’s a pretty nifty clock that just keeps on going up over time, so by the time you read this my number will be increasingly too low. This week’s lesson, which is repeated over and over again among every single type of Dr. Bronner’s soaps (I stopped counting at the 10th time mentioned…) is — we are all one, or none. All-one!

The way that I understand this is similar to a parable I once heard. Two people were on a boat. One of them started drilling a hole underneath his seat. The other person said, “What are you doing? We’ll drown?” The person replied, “What’s it to you? I’m drilling under my seat, not yours! Mind your own business!” The person clearly did not understand that they were in the same boat together and that a hole on one side of the boat was just as bad as a hole on the other — it would sink them both.

Perhaps another way to understand the all-one mentality is to examine what I would consider the opposite of it — what might be called the “What’s in it for me?” mentality. Let us say, for example, that I have a regular habit of waking up early and exercising and I plan out my meals well in advance so I have some sort of nutritional control — all of this is true, by the way. If I met someone that was struggling with nutrition and was so badly out of shape that just thinking about walking up stairs got them out of breath, would it not behoove me to at least offer to help them with their fitness and nutrition?

The “what’s in it for me?” mentality person would say — well, why should I help this person? What’s in it for me? Whereas the all-one mentality says — we are all one, and so I should strive to help people because if one of my hands is dry and the other hand can apply coconut oil to it, it certainly should! Why? It’s the same body! The left hand doesn’t seem to benefit from the right hand being moisturized.

In weeks ahead we will look at how the all-one mentality can be further applied, practically speaking.


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