Togetherness Review

For most of my life I have been fascinated by the idea of time travel. My favorite movie series is Back To The Future — my wife will attest to the fact that I will, when watching, say lines from the movie before they are uttered on screen. Also, and this is perhaps an indicator of just how odd I am, if someone tells me that something is “just around the corner” I will almost always quote the second Back to the Future movie — “Around the corner at the Cafe 80’s! Guy named Griff — JUST SAY NO!” It was for this reason that I immediately wanted to watch the film Safety Not Guaranteed. Having enjoyed the film and the character played by actor Mark Duplass, I was happy to find out that he and his brother Jay had made a short television series for HBO called Togetherness and so my wife and I started watching it the very night it began.

Togetherness tells the story of Brett and Michelle, a married couple with children who soon find themselves sharing a house with Michelle’s sister Tina and Alex, a friend of Brett who has fallen on hard luck and is evicted from his apartment.

The first thing we both noticed about the show was how real to life it is when it comes to depicting relationships — you often see new couples on television and newlyweds, but a true been through it all relationship is rare to find. It is nice to see the kind of couple where it is not all sparks and fireworks and regular intimacy is assumed.

I also quite enjoy the character of Alex, who is struggling to find work as an actor and can only seem to get parts playing the fat friend because he happens to be a bit overweight. He then hits a workout schedule hard and eats better — but as soon as he is starting to get fit the first audition that is recommended for him is… the fat friend. I enjoyed how Alex handled the situation.

While I am sad that the series is only eight episodes long, I am quite pleased to know that it has already been renewed for a second season. I am looking forward to seeing the highs and lows of Brett and Michelle and seeing how they weather the harsh realities of modern marriage.


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