Effortless Lunches — Quinoa with Beans

In the last decade I have worked at a few office locations and I am always amazed at the time and effort people put into going out and getting food that is, frankly, not the best in the world in terms of health — but it certainly is convenient! I have always been of a more thrifty temperament and at the same time I don’t like spending hours of time preparing food for myself — so I tend to go for what is simple. That is why the combination of quinoa with beans is one of my favorites.

At home I use a Black & Decker Vegetable and Grain Steamer. I first received one from my Parents-In-Law in 2005 and have only had to buy a second one this last year because the plastic basket on the first one entirely broke due to having hot steam shoot through it over a thousand times. That is no exxageration — I have made meals with this kind of machine at least once a week for the last ten years because all you have to do is fill the appropriate parts with water, set a timer, and you get properly cooked grains without worrying about it burning.

This morning was when I made the quinoa you can see in the picture above. I got out the steamer, set it up with water, and set the timer for thirty minutes. I then went to the living room and did the workout Insanity Max 30 — Tabata Power with my favorite trainer Shaun T. While I was winding down the workout, I heard the bell chime on the steamer. As soon as the cooldown was complete I went into the kitchen with a sturdy heat resistant plastic container and after rinsing some chick peas, filled the container with a mixture of the freshly steamed quinoa and the chick peas.

At the office all I have to do is choose what I will use to season the mixture — after scooping out an appropriate portion for myself with a teaspoon. Today, for example, was olive oil and soy sauce. Tomorrow might be coconut oil and Bragg’s amino acids — who knows?

Lunch can be easy if you prepare it in advance — and I got a week worth of meals for under five dollars. That can’t be beat!


3 thoughts on “Effortless Lunches — Quinoa with Beans

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