A Daily Girl Scout Cookie — Disciplining Yourself to Enjoy Without Overindulging

A large box was outside of our apartment door — it was our shipment of Girl Scout Cookies. “Shipment?” you may be wondering, “I thought Girl Scouts only sold their cookies door to door, or in front of the supermarket!” While this was true in years past, the Girl Scouts of America have finally caught up with the technologies available in the late 1990’s and have made it possible to order cookies online.

It is still being done through individual representatives and so I would like for you to consider, if you are going to be purchasing any Girl Scout Cookies, to please think of my friend and former Peddie School classmate Kris, whose daughter is selling cookies. You can buy cookies from her by clicking here.

I opened up the box of Samoas and since it had been more than five years since I had eaten one, I had two. Two whole Samoa cookies, not two boxes, mind you. Tonight? I’m going to have exactly one. Tomorrow? One.

There is a lot of sugar in a Girl Scout Cookie, and a whole lot of empty calories. I don’t believe that this means that you should completely ban them from your life. What I do believe it means is that you should enjoy them, but in a disciplined manner — in moderation. By that I mean you should never eat more than one a day… unless it has been more than a few years since you have had one, in which case you can also have a second cookie.

This kind of discipline in life is important. When you open that box of cookies and pull out the plastic sleeve and then take out exactly one cookie and put the rest back, you are in effect saying that your discipline is more important than your want for lots of cookies.

It is also noteworthy that if you buy a number of boxes of cookies and store them in the freezer (again, buy them here) you can enjoy a Girl Scout Cookie daily until you have precisely run out and the next year’s shipment has arrived. I’d like to think it would be a worthy accomplishment!


3 thoughts on “A Daily Girl Scout Cookie — Disciplining Yourself to Enjoy Without Overindulging

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