Off Day? Sure, I’ll Switch up My Workout Routine!

It’s a little after noon and I am having my first proper meal of the day — oats and Qi’a cereal mixed together with a few teaspoons of full fat unsweetened Greek yogurt and a delightful blend of chia, coconut, and almond milk called Dream Blends — I let it sit for several minutes while I took a refreshing shower that was well needed after I did the Insanity Max 30 workout called Tabata Power — twenty seconds full force, and ten seconds of rest for half an hour makes for an excellent workout.

Usually at this time during the day I am eating lunch, but since we were threatened with a pretty bad storm last night that ended up moving course and hitting other areas worse, I decided to take today off as a vacation day — which is somewhat good because all of our trains are running on a slower schedule and only started running quite a bit after I normally would be taking them.

Since I took the day off, I actually let myself sleep in — well, to the extent that one can when one has an eight month old baby, of course. I took Malka into the kitchen and we did the dishes — by that of course I mean that I did the dishes while we listened to The Archers. When Chaim got up I served him breakfast and finished up with the powerful drink I would normally have after my workout — chocolate vegan Shakeology mixed with coffee. Much of this went hand in hand with letting my wife get some extra sleep, always a nice thing when you are a stay at home mother and have two children that are so full of life as ours are.

At around half after eleven I had gotten the living room nicely cleaned up and I handed Malka over to Elizabeth (well awake by now, rest assured) and Chaim and I did the workout. By interesting happenstance, the pre-workout promotional clip that played was a gentleman saying that he always drinks Shakeology before a workout and it helps him. I wondered to what extent this would be the case as I normally only have a glass of squeezed lemon and water before my workouts.

I am here to tell you that it was well worth it — I was able to push myself harder during the workout and I lasted a bit longer before I had to take my first “max out” break — that is, to borrow the definition from my workout calendar, the first time I had to stop in the workout.

It is good to take days off to switch up your routine — to see if a little variation or a change might be the right thing to do to make things better. As my coach and mentor Jimmy likes to say — act, review, tweak, repeat! Tomorrow I will see how having the Shakeology before the workout (in this case, not nearly as long before but still giving a good gap to digest) will help the process of getting and staying fit!


3 thoughts on “Off Day? Sure, I’ll Switch up My Workout Routine!

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