Helpful Folk and Thoughts on Snowpocalypse 2015

As I stood in line at Trader Joe’s and heard person after person complain about how much snow there was, I could not help but think about something else that I kept on hearing people saying to one another — “Can I get something for you?”

It was so crowded at Trader Joe’s when I got there that there were zero shopping carts to be found. As I struggled to make my way through large groups of people, I saw how long the lines were and I dreaded the idea of having to wait so long. I was glad to have The Archers podcast with me — a few episodes, no less!

In a way it was better that I did not have a shopping cart as I did not ultimately have too many large items to purchase, just a lot of smaller items — yogurt, fruit, and that sort of thing. Carrying only my reusable bag with me as well as a small basket provided by Trader Joe’s, I could weave around the clusters of people relatively easily.

The requests for help were first noticed when I got in line. I was in the freezer aisle and started off in front of the frozen pizza section. I happened to be in front of what must have been one of the most popular kinds of pizza as people kept on coming by and looking as though they were trying to buy me. I noticed them looking and asked, “Can I get something for you?” Invariably they would mention a kind of pizza that they wanted. I am glad that nobody asked me for a recommendation as I generally eat only two sorts of pizza — the kind that my wife makes and the kind that we get from a kosher takeout restaurant — I prefer the former, of course.

It was really heartwarming to see people not just wait for others to try to shove their way through them to get the groceries they wanted and instead immediately offered to help. It was the kind of thing to brighten the day, even with the prospects of a terrifying storm ahead.


2 thoughts on “Helpful Folk and Thoughts on Snowpocalypse 2015

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