Coach Pete Carroll and the Right Winning Attitude

There were five or so minutes left in the Packers-Seahawks game this last Sunday and it was looking downright hopeless for the Seahawks as the score was 19-7. Even if somehow the Seahawks scored, they would then have to immediately intercept the ball and score again. Our son Chaim was just waking up from a nap and we told him that it didn’t look like they were going to win.

Except that this is exactly when it all happened. The Seahawks scored, got the extra point, and then after punting the ball to the Packers were able to intercept it when the ball was fumbled. They brought it right back to the end zone and scored again, and this time made the decision to use what is called a two-point conversion — and successfully did so. The Packers took the ball all the way back and scored a field goal, which evened the score and put the game into overtime.

Then, since the Seahawks won the coin toss, they took back the ball and in a matter of a few plays drove it into the end zone. Minutes earlier, when I thought they had no way of winning, I told my wife that if they won I would purchase a shirt with the name of the person who made the winning touchdown — looks like I will be wearing a Kearse shirt for the big game!

The coach of the Seahawks, Pete Carroll, was interviewed after the game and was asked if he was thinking about how they were losing up until the end of the game, and his answer really was moving.

He said that he never thought about how they were losing at all during the game — that his only thoughts were how they were going to turn it around so that they could win the game.

That is the kind of thinking that it took to do what they did — and that is the kind of thinking that I think people need to employ more often in every day life.

Things might be going badly and it might be that you have been out of work for weeks… months… but instead of thinking about how badly things have been going, you need to focus on what you can do to turn it around.

Thank you, Coach Carroll.


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