Same Fat, Different Name — Friday Photos 1

One morning after prayers were over at my synagogue of choice, I went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee only to find two containers of milk sitting on the kitchen table.

I immediately noticed something — they were both essentially the same kind of milk, only that they went about telling the world their fat content differently.

On the left we have a jug of milk, which states a one percent milk fat content.

On the right is a carton of milk, which also has one percent fat… but states that it is ninety-nine percent fat free.

It got me thinking about how we present ourselves and our perspective on the world.

For example, a person could say that they are out of shape and that they seldom read any books.

The person could, on the other hand, choose to say that they are working on getting in shape and are developing a reading program to get them into the habit of reading regularly.

This could be the case even if the first day of actual exercise isn’t for more than a week and the person hasn’t even a clue what they want to read or when they want to start reading it!

It’s all a matter of perspective. Do we present ourselves exactly as we are with no hope for future change, or do we present the best that we can be and therefore push ourselves to be greater — day by day?


2 thoughts on “Same Fat, Different Name — Friday Photos 1

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