Gordon Davidescu Writing Update for January 15, 2015

Has it really been six months since the last update? It has. You know what I haven’t done since then? A single chapter of the prequel to Kate that I promised to be published, twice a month, on this very blog. Remember that post?

Getting the first chapter to you by the end of the month is going to be one of my top priorities. But it’s funny — either people are too nice to say anything about it, or it really doesn’t bother anybody that I haven’t followed through with my promise to start. I have to wonder what is keeping me back from publishing what was a play that I wrote close to twenty years ago (and never produced as I had hoped to do) in a serial format? It’s not as though I don’t know the plot, what is going to happen in the story, and who the characters are at all.

For that matter, I feel as though I have been a bit of a disappointment thusfar in terms of keeping up with blog posts in general. I have a series of articles that I hope to write on the subject of what to do rather than possibly be bored — thanks again to the young woman at the Shabbos table who inspired me to want to write the original article on the subject.

I suppose I could blame my baby girl but she just slept in the crib for the first time last night and we have an incredible new mattress topper, so I have been sleeping quite well — albeit for about four and a half hours a night on average. It’s a crazy schedule that I keep.

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