How to Quickly and Easily Make Healthy Oats in The Office

I love oats — as far as breakfast goes, it is one of my favorite and filling things to make. While I do enjoy a good bowl of overnight oats, I regularly turn to hot oats especially in these colder months. (Just this morning I needed to employ thermal underwear just to stay warm on my walk to the subway.) Making oats in an office environment could not be easier — here is how it is done.

I start out with rolled oats from Trader Joe’s — you don’t have to use quick or instant oats for this to work out well. I prefer the rolled oats from Trader Joe’s because they are high quality and come at a more than reasonable price — three dollars for a bag that has twenty-two servings. Work out the price per serving on that one and you will see what I mean.

This is my friend in the world of making oats in the office as well as hot coffee. (As a side note — though I do prefer making coffee in a French press, I will absolutely drink Taster’s Choice if I am the only one drinking coffee. I am clearly not a coffee snob as has been suggested.) I have found the best tea kettles at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have an unmatched return policy — your kettle could break two years from now and they will let you trade it in for a not broken one. Boil that water!

Here are the oats in my preferred vessel before I add the water. I sprinkle on a teaspoon or two of Qi’a, which is a delicious and low sugar mix of chia, buckwheat, hemp, almond, and sweetened cranberry.

Here they are just after I have added the water. I also put some water in my 17 year old Harrods (of Knightsbridge) mug so that I can spoon in some Taster’s Choice. Again, not at all a snob.

Lastly, here is how the oats look after sitting in the water for a few minutes. All I do at this point is mix in a teaspoon of coconut oil and it is ready for consumption. After this I am usually pretty full up until about one or so — I eat this at around ten every morning.

Let me know if you find this useful — share with friends you think might enjoy a nutritious breakfast that is easy to make even in the office!


6 thoughts on “How to Quickly and Easily Make Healthy Oats in The Office

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