Complaining on Twitter Can Attract Attention — from Advertisers!

When you make all of your tweets public, as I do, anyone in the world can see what you write. There are tweets I have written that have gotten retweeted and made favorite by people I don’t even know — which is sometimes mysterious to me because I have a rather small number of followers, so I have to think that someone must have searched for a particular term and found my tweet. Other times, people who are targeted by my tweets reply by hitting the favorite button — as was the case last night, when my wife and I watched an episode of Degrassi and I found myself mystified by a particular piece of script.

The writers of the show, who have their own account, either liked that tweet or found it interesting — I am not sure as they didn’t fully reply and only favorited my tweet. Either way, it got noticed!

Then this morning, a similar but not quite the same thing happened. Recently, my phone‘s battery indicator has entirely stopped working. It basically goes from showing that the phone has a 100% battery to the phone being dead. I spent nearly half an hour on hold with Apple’s iPhone support only to have them tell me based on some testing they did with a small app they had me run that my phone’s hardware was completely the problem, and that if I wanted to I could pay to get it repaired. Seeing as I plan on getting a new phone in March, this is not an option for me.

Instead, I made a joke about it on Twitter.

This was just an offhand comment I made, really more like a joke that I thought of while walking to the synagogue where I pray in the morning — funny enough in my mind to tweet. Behold, a few hours later I got a notification that I was mentioned in a tweet. I wondered who could have possibly mentioned me and why — again, I have few followers. It turns out it was targeted advertising.

I was thinking to myself that the person at Sony with this account must have an interesting job. It is to basically find the people on Twitter (and in all likelihood other forms of social media) and to find people complaining about their iPhone battery life, and then to send them an ad!

When next you decide to complain on Twitter, remember that you might be attracting the wrong kind of attention!


One thought on “Complaining on Twitter Can Attract Attention — from Advertisers!

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