The Glass Half Full Perspective of Things We Own

There are two ways of looking at a glass of water which has been filled to the halfway mark. One way is to look at it as a glass that is half full. Another way is to look at it as a glass that is half empty. Both are true statements regarding the glass, but the first perspective is a rather optimistic viewpoint about the glass, whereas the second viewpoint is a more pessimistic viewpoint.

So too it can be with the things that we own. There are those who think fondly of the things that they own, and they are content. There are others, however, that look at the same things and can only think of the things that they do not own — and are malcontent. I would like to suggest that the first group of people have a sort of glass half full perspective, whereas the second group has a glass half empty perspective.

For most of my life, I have taken on challenges from what I now think of as a poor approach. I would be doing some kind of project at home and realize that I needed, for example, to rip a seam. I would then try to see if I had a seam ripper (at one point I did) and if I did not, I would fret until I could go to the store and get one. I would use it the once and then put it somewhere and inevitably lose it. This process sometimes would repeat and I would end up with multiple items that I only needed for one specific use.

The better approach, I think, is this — instead of wondering to yourself what you could possibly get to meet a certain need, ask yourself if you don’t already have something that could meet the need equally well without having to go out and get something new. If you don’t have anything that can fit that need, do you have other things that can be somehow modified to fit the need?

I have found that thinking of how much you already have rather than how much you want tends to make for a much happier being.


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