Gordon Davidescu Writing Update for August 14, 2014

The first thing I want to mention here is that I have had a special price on my novella Kate. The book is just shy of a dollar (ninety-nine cents) and will be for the rest of the week.

Now for the bigger announcement. A little more than a year ago I wrote that I was going to take the play that is the prequel, as it were, to Kate and adapt it to prose. I wrote about it here. I am embarrassed that so much time has passed between then and now, and also that I apparently cannot spell embarrassed correctly without the help of a spell check tool. Interestingly, I thought that the idea to do this came to me just this morning but in fact I announced it a long time ago — so long that I completely forgot about it until just now when I was searching through previous writing updates.

I suppose this just goes to show you that if you fail to plan, it is like planning to fail as I did exactly that. Well I am here now to tell you that I do have a plan for this adaptation and it goes something like this — I will publish it serially through this blog beginning next month — at least two chapters per month. When it is finished I will go through it and make editing changes as needed and then publish it as I did Kate. I hope to do two different editions — one that has the play at the end so that you can see how it went from play to novella. Either that or put it on for your friends and family, I suppose.

I am still working on a podcast. You will know when it is ready because I will post about it here first!

Have an awesome rest of your Thor’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Gordon Davidescu Writing Update for August 14, 2014

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