Take Heed, New Parents, of this Important Rule — Always Burp Cloth

If there is any one lesson that has come back to me time and time again, nearly three months since the birth of our daughter Malka was born, it is this — Always Burp Cloth.

This is what appears to be a simple burp cloth but is actually a hospital receiving blanket. The hospital where Malka was born gave several of these to us and they have been amazing.

Babies have a funny tendency to spit up quite a lot in the first several months. Our dear trusted Dr. Sears tells us that this is perfectly normal and that it can and will happen several times a day. Depending on how long after the feeding occurs, you have quite an acidic liquid that is shooting up and out — and you will want to wipe it up quickly. This is particularly the case if it ends up on your baby’s skin, as it is understandably rough on any skin, particularly that of a baby.

Always Burp Cloth — or ABC — is something that you will learn to live and take in as part of your life. It doesn’t matter where in the house you take the baby, make sure that you either have a burp cloth waiting for you there or you bring one or more with you.

Always! Always burn cloth! The difference between the cost of a burp cloth and the cost of cleaning spit-up off of many fabrics. Are you holding a baby that has recently eaten? Within a half hour window, that is. Have a burp cloth on you while you are giving that baby a cuddle because spit-ups happen quickly and they can be volcanic — you might think that you know the coverage you need to make sure you don’t get spit up on you, but whatever you think is correct needs to be doubled.

Burp cloths are so inexpensive and they frequently need to be changed out for new clean ones — they will get saturated when your baby starts spitting up everywhere and you rush over to clean up the sour milk.

If you know someone who has recently had a baby, you simply cannot go wrong with a burp cloth. When we had Chaim we received some burp cloths from friends of ours who went fancy — not necessary! The fancy burp cloths were among the worst when it came to absorbency and comfort for Chaim and I. Keep it simple — all a burp cloth needs to do is quickly wipe up the inevitable messes.


3 thoughts on “Take Heed, New Parents, of this Important Rule — Always Burp Cloth

  1. Haha 🙂 I learned that truly a long time ago, but some babies also have a tendency to have a river of vomit that no burp cloth will catch. I, however, have mastered the art of anticipating the burps and know when to position the baby so as to not get it all over my clothes. Of course, we had vinyl floors, not carpet

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