Enjoy it while it lasts — Friday Photos 15

All too often we take things for granted — we have a place to live, a bed in which to sleep, food to eat. I think it is important to remember from time to time just how transient things really are, relatively speaking. One day while out on a walk, I saw what had been a building in the process of slowly being taken apart and cleared away to a landfill, presumably.

I approached and looked closely as large machines and people tore into the structure and removed parts of it. Large bits of cement and what were once walls and floors fell to pieces.

Time passed — days went by, then weeks.

Soon all that was left of the former building was a set of memories that some people kept with them.

I thought of all of the people who went into that building while it stood proudly. How many of them thought, “This building will eventually be nothing but a memory.” I am sitting in an office in a building — and one day it too will have to go. Structures weaken and collapse. No building has an infinite life.

I would think it behooves one to try to enjoy that which one has in life — even the sidewalk under your feet will one day be gone.

Step by step it supports us, until it too must be replaced.

How often do we walk on a newly laid sidewalk and think of all of the work that went into making sure that it was done correctly?

I often hear negative talk — things are done badly, something or another is built poorly, etc. Why not focus instead on all of the lovely things that have gone so well?


One thought on “Enjoy it while it lasts — Friday Photos 15

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