It’s In The Bag — Friday Photos 14

Close to a year and a half after getting my Rickshaw Small Zero Messenger Bag, I use it daily and it has shown no sign of wear. Here, if you are wondering, is how I make use of its ample space — small is a misnomer in this case!

Counterclockwise starting with the upper left — we have a book called “Who’s Who in The Archers”, a book that has a list of characters that were (as of 2012) current in the BBC Radio 4 soap opera “The Archers” — I carry this because I listen to the podcast of the soap opera and sometimes look up characters if I am not sure who somebody is.

George R.R. Martin — A Clash of Kings. I have been on a schedule of reading the books in the “Song of Ice and Fire” that will have me reading all five of the books that are currently published over the course of 2014.

Kitten Weekly Calendar. I get a weekly calendar nearly every year for a couple of dollars and I rarely use them. Why do I continue to do this to myself? I keep thinking somehow I will start using them.

Blue Bullet Journal — this is my attempt to make use of the Bullet Journal idea, and so far it has not worked at all. Lazy I am.

Fair Trade bookmark — this came when I asked Dr. Bronner’s, the soap makers, for a copy of their Moral ABC book. More on that in a bit. It’s a very sturdy bookmark.

Journal — I write in a journal just about every day — and exactly one journal page per day.

Square register — the register itself is considerably smaller than the case holding it. This is for when I am out and about with copies of my novella and someone tells me they wish they could buy it but only have cash on their person.

Moral ABC Book — if you look near the bottom of a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (after you’ve read the whole thing of course) you will see that it tells you that you can send two dollars and get a copy of the Moral ABC book. I tweeted at them for how to send them money.

They told me to give the money to charity and they would send me the book — and they did!

Lastly, headphones. (Great incomplete sentence, Gordon!) I listen to either music or podcasts on the train — it is good for avoiding lunacy on the train as people are less likely to make oddball conversation if they think you can’t hear them!


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