Reflecting on A Year of Blogging under my own Banner

For nearly thirteen years, I happily wrote a monthly column for the beautiful Boles Blogs network, but at the end of April with my wife’s encouragement I decided to strike out with my own author’s blog. I had just printed a number of copies of my debut novella, Kate. It was suggested to me that nowadays, successful authors connect with their audiences via their blogs. I enjoyed writing fairly regularly and I wanted to get back into the habit of writing more frequently — and so this blog came back to life on May 8, 2013. The last year has been a wild ride — and I hope to make it better over time with your help and input, dear readers.

In the last year, I have posted over one hundred articles. That averages out to about two a week, which is far below where I would like to be — five per week. Mind you, there are some days I cannot publish articles due to Jewish holidays, but those total about fourteen days a year when every single Jewish holiday falls out during the week — and so my first resolution to you is that I want this next year to be about greater consistency in publication — and that probably means writing some articles in advance, or having a couple of articles stashed away that aren’t particularly topical — but that I can unleash (as it were) on my busier days. Seeing as I have a baby on the way (making for two children in this wonderful life) I imagine there will be plenty of busy days!

The most popular article by far, I have noticed, was actually the second one that I wrote since starting back up here — . In the last seven days I have actually gotten more views on that article than I did in the entire month that it was published. I imagine that it has something to do with the fact that Drag Race is currently on television and people may be thinking back to last year’s scandal.

Back to the area of consistency — I started out Fridays with the idea that I was going to post a series of photographs and write about them — called it Friday Photos — all of the photographs would be connected somehow. Then I got it into my mind that I wanted to occasionally write a short story, so I started posting short stories on Fridays as well and called it Friday Fiction. Then one Friday I was really short on time due to how early the sun set and yet I saw something that moved me with one image that really needed no explanation — and so Thousand Words Friday was born. Right now I have posted twelve entries as Friday Photos, and eight each of Friday Fiction and Thousand Words Friday. Ideally this would be a lot more balanced and so there would be closer to 17 of each — but as we all know, sometimes life does get in the way.

My plans for the next year include continuing the three series but perhaps shifting them to other days. I am also looking to launch a podcast called Writings and Ramblings in which I will talk about a topic, perhaps what is going on with me in terms of writing and publishing, and also include some kind of fiction — whether that is the reading of a short story, doing a monologue of my own writing, or maybe a poem! I would also like to continue writing articles about subjects that interest me — like disposable bags and Neknominations — a frightening thing if there ever were one.

Let this next year be a great one!


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