There is NO Amount of Heroin that is OK to use

I am baffled by how much effort the federal government puts into incarcerating and pursuing people who smoke or sell marijuana, when the actually insidious heroin is the drug that needs to be pursued. There is no amount of heroin that is ever okay to use. You use a little, you get high — assuming that you don’t have bad heroin, which could just kill you immediately regardless of how much you use. Peaches Geldof is dead, and reports now confirm that she died for the same reason that her mother died — heroin overdose.

Oh but marijuana is also bad, you argue. Let us have a look at a list of everyone who has ever died from a marijuana overdose.


I would be impressed to be proven wrong here, but having done some extensive research I think I can state this is the case.

The severity of this cannot be overstated. There absolutely is no quantity of heroin that is okay to use. There is no “Hey, I just want to try it once to see how it is.” Go watch Trainspotting a few times to get a taste. Then actually stick your head in a toilet and pretend that you are so desperate to get your heroin that you are willing to do that just so you don’t lose it.

How many people will die from heroin before people come to this understanding? It makes me sad to say this but I don’t think that there is a number that exists — people will likely continue to do heroin because of how high it gets you, and never mind the fact that it is astonishingly easy to use enough to overdose.

Sid Vicious died from a heroin overdose, and it was his own mother that dealt it to him. Dee Dee Ramone’s apartment was chock full of heroin — and so was Philip Seymour Hoffman’s apartment. Comedian Lenny Bruce reportedly also died of an overdose — as did Billie Holiday, one of my favourite musicians of all time. Think of how much more amazing music there would be in the world had Jimi Hendrix not decided to do heroin.

If you’re thinking that a tiny amount couldn’t hurt anyone — get right off that idea. It just doesn’t exist.


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