A Brief Pre-Passover Thought — I am Gordon Davidescu

Please excuse me as I will be away from all things computer and technology and television and telephone until Wednesday night in celebration of the holiday of Passover — at least, the first two days of it. I look forward to spending much quality time with my family and locally reachable friends. I saw someone complaining about how technology has made it hard to know anything new about our friends — for me, once a week, I get away from it all and I love it.

Now, the actual thrust of this brief thought I wanted to share with you. I usually use a metal reusable tumbler to get my drinks, but seeing as it is the day that Passover is beginning and all of my non-Passover plates and cups and goods are in storage, sold as it were to the highest bidder until the end of Passover, I did not have any way to get my drink in a reusable cup and so I went the less awesome disposable way when I got my last soy latte before the start of the holiday. When the barista asked my name for the cup I answered — Gordon.

It does happen on occasion that I get my name misspelled — Gordan — but in no circumstance will I give a name other than my own.

I own my own name — I am Gordon Davidescu.

I am as far as I know the only living Gordon Davidescu — it’s either that or the others are hiding offline. When you search my name in quotation marks, it’s only me.

I know that it’s fun to play and tell the barista dirty jokes to get them to say silly things, or to call you Darth Vader or Han Solo, but at the end of the day you are who you are and you can either own your own identity or play jokes and have fun.

Online and offline and wherever I post comments on message boards or corkboards or post-it notes, I am Gordon Davidescu. I am not stinkyllama or uglyalpaca.

I am me because nobody else is, and I own my name and my identity.

I am Gordon Davidescu.


3 thoughts on “A Brief Pre-Passover Thought — I am Gordon Davidescu

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