Free Fall – Friday Fiction 8

The sky was all around him, and the ground was approaching – so it seemed – at a frightening speed.

The last thing he remembered saying was in whisper to a colleague.

“I don’t want to be here anymore,” he said, and before he could say anything like “I’d rather be…” he was suddenly no longer there.

He was free falling with no parachute and no hope of survival.

It wasn’t some dark forest – rather, a small crowd had gathered to see the spectacle of a man who was falling – with no plane in sight.

“How did he get up there?” one man was heard to say.

“These kids and their facebooks and their pagers and wifis and dewhickeys, they’ll do just anything to get attention!”

An old man was unhappy not with the certain death of the falling man, but the unwarranted fame he quickly had gained for so foolish an act.

“It’s all in the parenting, I say. Five hundred eighty three and a half dollars to a donut, his mama didn’t raise him right!


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