The Evangelion Ending of How I Met Your Mother

My wife and I were hooked on the television program How I Met Your Mother from the very beginning, long before we were married. We loved the characters, the funny in jokes, and the way that things seemed to be progressing toward a natural conclusion — that of the final explanation how how all the stories the narrator (Ted Mosby) was telling led up to the meeting of the titular mother. Instead (spoiler alert) we get to have him meet her and have a fairy tale romance that lasts just long enough for her to pass away, typical Disney film style, leaving the kids in the show without one of their parents — and sending Ted back to the exact wrong person we have been told is not right for him for the last eight plus years.

I was reminded of the television program Neon Genesis Evangelion, which for an entire season played out beautifully until the very end, which had a final episode that enraged pretty much the entire fan-base — it was puzzling and despite numerous views still makes no sense to me. It was an episode that got people so upset that the creators of the show released an alternate version of the ending, which still left people confused. This led to a re-release and redo of the entire series, which is still being done episodically in movie format.

As many people have noted, the whole point of the show (we were led to believe) was that Ted was supposed to find real happiness with the mother, and he was going to explain to the kids how it was that he met her. Instead, it was a hokey way for him to get their okay to pursue the absolutely wrong for him Aunt Robin.

How are we supposed to believe that they are going to be any better suited for each other in 2030 than they were in 2005? She is still a fiercely independent spirit and is more of a solo act than a couple member. If there were anybody right for her, it was Barney — and all of the episodes dedicated to showing how right they were for each other just got obliterated by what felt like a quick divorce.

Interestingly enough, though it has been less than a day since the series finale air, half a dozen fan fiction stories have sprung up on popular fan fiction host — and of those that I have read, the mother still dies. I find it interesting because the mother dying me upset me most of all — but what seems to upset the authors of the pieces more is the idea that Ted goes back to Robin, as he does not do so in these re-imaginings of the end of the story.


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