In a rush? Slow down!

It has happened far too many times. I look at my phone in the morning and realize that I only have a certain number of minutes left to get ready before I have to leave and there are things that need to get done. I rush through them frantically, and dash out of the apartment only to realize half a block away and a six floor ride down the elevator that I left behind something that should not have been left behind. I therefore run back to the apartment and get it, and on my walk to the synagogue both of my shoelaces invariably come undone. I get irritated and wonder why it is that exactly when I have no time to have my shoelaces come undone, this is exactly when it happens.

Except that there is a very good reason why the laces almost always come undone when I don’t have time for them to come undone and why I make more typographical errors while typing an article and trying to get it done in a short amount of time instead of leisurely writing it. The reason is that when I am tying my shoes in a rush, I am not careful about doing it and so even though in theory the fact that they are double knotted should suffice, I am sloppy in the tying and make subtle mistakes that allow the shoes to easily come undone. Couple this with the fact that I am probably stumbling over myself to walk a little bit faster, and you have shoe laces that come completely undone.

Likewise with leaving things behind. Because my mind is so focused on getting out the door, I do not stop and ask myself if I have everything that I need. It could be as simple as a marker board on the door that has a checklist that would consist of a few things that I take to the office just about every single day — my messenger bag, my Whole Foods reusable shopping bag lined with a reusable freezer bag (that keeps food cold for up to three hours) that I have been using for over five years, as well as various things that go into these bags… and my phone and keys. You would not believe how many times I have watched the door closed only to reach into my pocket and find no keys there — and all because I was in a rush.

In a rush? Slow down! Haste makes not only waste but it often leads to you needing to take more time than if you were to do the same thing carefully and with deliberation.


3 thoughts on “In a rush? Slow down!

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