Imperfection that Leads to Inaction

The plan rarely changes. I strive to have a well updated and maintained blog, and to publish five articles a week with the exceptions of Jewish holidays that preclude my using the computer or any such blog updating technology. I aim to publish an article each weekday before ten in the morning. That has been my plan since I restarted this blog last May, after thirteen years of monthly contributions to another publisher’s blog.

One of the things I miss about writing for that previous blog network was the fact that before the beginning of the month, I would already have a calendar of the baker’s dozen articles I planned on writing that month, and on what dates those articles would be published. I would always submit the articles for publication two or more days before the date of the publication — so an article published on a Monday would actually have been written at latest the previous Saturday night — I don’t write on Shabbos itself as that violates the prohibition of writing during the 25 hour period of the holy Sabbath.

When I moved to writing for my own blog and fully owning my own writing, I had to also take full responsibility for meeting deadlines — the only person to whom I was responsible for writing articles became myself and (of course) the audience. The problems start when I procrastinate, as I too often do, and suddenly it is near ten in the morning and I have nothing. I think that it is impossible to write anything useful before ten, and so I do other things to further procrastinate. Suddenly it’s nearly half after three and I haven’t written a thing. That is exactly what was threatening to happen today.

It is similar to this morning, where circumstances led to my workout start time being pushed forward by nearly twenty full minutes. I looked at the clock, looked at the length of the workout, and decided that there was no way that I would be able to do the full workout — so I did nothing instead. On too many occasions this has happened. On too many other occasions I have seen how late it got and decided that it would be better to write nothing at all than to publish an article so late in the day.

This is ridiculous thinking. This is a blog, not a newspaper. It’s not as though today is the only day on which people can read this article. There are articles — such as my article about , which get views almost every day. (The new season of Drag Race starts tonight, by the way…) The article I wrote about gets daily views. I want to publicly apologize to you, the reader, for my inactivity caused by my want for perfection. Stick around — I am going to make an effort to make this a better blog!


3 thoughts on “Imperfection that Leads to Inaction

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