How About Spring Already? — Friday Photos 13

It has been quite a long time since I posted an actual article with photos and words on Friday rather than the “thousand word” posts you may have seen recently. I was hoping that my “Friday Fiction” series would catch up in number and then I would post them every other week — one week fiction, the next week photos. Of course by now I should have been well caught up, but you see how well that has gone for me. The last Friday Photos post before this one was last August, half a year ago. In that time I have written six entries of the Friday Fiction variety. So goes it. I imagine that you may very well be as tired of this winter as I have been, unless of course you live somewhere with nice weather. I envy you a bit right now. This week I have fallen or nearly fallen half a dozen times due to ice on the ground.

This was my view one morning coming out of the subway station. Everything was covered in snow. The streets were full of it, and everyone was driving at a painfully slow pace. People complained that it took them so long to drive that it would have been faster to walk anywhere. I was grateful that my entire subway trip is entirely underground.

In a way I like to try to look at the bright side of things. Here is a really pretty view of snow in Kew Gardens. It looks really nice, but it still ultimately makes me feel cold and numb to walk around for too long outside. On the positive side — there’s always the Vitamin D to consider. (Don’t forget to use sunscreen even when it’s winter! The sun doesn’t know from cold, it still will burn you and as my brother learned years ago — you can get a pretty bad sunburn in a snow filled paradise!)

I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that this person isn’t going to be driving this car any time soon.

Responsibility. It’s not a four letter word. When it snows in front of your house, it is your responsibility to shovel your walk. If you do not do so and the snow gets compressed, and then the temperatures drop well below freezing as they have on many nights, what you create is a sidewalk skating rink. What should have taken half an hour to clean now suddenly would take multiple hours and tools such as a sledgehammer to break the ice. Indeed, as the Stark motto goes, “Winter is coming.” (Or so you would tend to think from looking at these photographs!)

To paraphrase Zonker from an old Doonesbury comic, we should soon be singing “Spring at last! Spring at last! Thank G-d almighty it’s spring at last!”


3 thoughts on “How About Spring Already? — Friday Photos 13

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