Recognizing Problems Vs. Resolving Them

This morning I made a classic Gordon Davidescu error. I knew I had to get a package out to the post office and I wanted to make sure not to forget it, and so I put a lot of focus into remembering to take the package with me. The problems began when I got to the first floor of my apartment and was bundling up to go outside when I realized that I had completely forgotten to bring my hat and scarf — definitely necessary when it is Hoth outside. I got back into the elevator, unlocked the apartment, went inside, got my hat and scarf, and thanked the person who lives on the same floor as me for holding open the elevator for me.

I got outside and was halfway to the synagogue where I pray in the morning when I suddenly realized that I had completely forgotten to bring my wallet with me. I had taken my wallet out of my pocket when I had ordered pizza the previous evening and had forgotten to put it back. Naturally, I walked all the way back to the apartment and searched for it for a few minutes. Why did I have to search for it? Instead of putting the wallet in a reasonable place, I just put it down wherever was convenient at the moment, which then made for a very inconvenient period of time this morning as I frantically searched around for the wallet. As is always the case, I spent a minute or so pondering how many hours of my life I have spent searching for things because I tend to put things down in convenient locations and then promptly forget that I have done so.

Here’s the problem — this isn’t the first time that I have forgotten something at home because I was so focused on something else. On more than one occasion I have forgotten to take my messenger bag with me because I was focused on taking out the recycling, or forgotten to take my lunch bag with me because I was focused on taking the maintenance check. As far as I can see, there really is only one solution and that is to have a sort of “…duh” checklist on the door. “DID YOU TAKE YOUR HAT AND SCARF?” it will shout at me.

It may be sort of embarrassing to have to do so, but it beats wasting half an hour searching for a wallet that should have been prepared the prior evening. Of course, had I prepared everything the prior evening, none of this would have happened. I suppose this means that the checklist should really be consulted both before bed and before leaving!


One thought on “Recognizing Problems Vs. Resolving Them

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