Darwinian Neknominations — Drink Yourself Dead!

“If your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge as well?” You may have heard this growing up — I know I heard it from my parents as well as my grandmothers. Of course, I didn’t always take the lesson to heart. In high school, I once left the dormitory well after hours when we were meant to be sleeping (How I miss the days of being able to go on few hours of sleep with no problem) and we headed to a golf course for no reason other than to just… go there. We got back into our dormitory undetected. I am almost positive there was meant to be some point other than being daring, but I didn’t quite know it.

It was never lethal, though. This, unlike the extremely lethal ‘game’ of Neknomination, as it is sometimes called, which involves drinking what is on occasion a lethal amount of alcohol and then ‘nominating’ someone else to do the same.

It is not a far cry from a game of Russian roulette. It is true that you may not put a bullet into your skull — but you very well may end up with one!

One of the more disturbing aspects of this is the fact that social media sites such as Facebook are permitting people to post videos of themselves partaking in what could ultimately end up being snuff films. Even if the person is not put in the hospital from the stunt, the existence of videos of this nature is a sort of encouragement for other people to pursue making them — and there are of course no warnings telling people not to try this sort of idiocy at home. (The warnings never stop the truly foolish from doing things that will kill them, nor the lawsuit-happy from suing once they have lost the foolish or are in charge of their care.)

I realize that as adults we are in charge of our lives and must make decisions that we see best for ourselves, but I think in this case it is imperative that if you know someone who is even remotely entertaining the notion of taking part in this kind of disaster that you do anything reasonable to prevent them from doing so. You may save a life in the process.


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