How a Five Minute Interview Turns Into A Five Second Clip

I was walking back to my office yesterday after what should have been a five minute walk to the bank took nearly half an hour, when a woman from NBC 4 asked me if I had a few minutes to talk. Sure, I said.

What followed was a five or so minute conversation about everything from the mayor’s handling of the storm to how it was for me navigating the streets. I don’t think they liked what I said about the mayor. The question they asked seemed to say that it wasn’t clear whether the mayor responded appropriately to the last large snowfall on the Upper East Side and I said that it clearly was the case since even the mayor himself admitted error.

I also think they may have not cared for my thought regarding the sidewalks. Specifically, they asked if the city was adequately cleaning them and I said that I had thought it the responsibility of store owners to ensure their sidewalks were appropriately clean – and if a lot was vacant, the moral duty of neighbors to help so that people wouldn’t get hurt.

Here is exactly what did make it onto the news yesterday.

If you didn’t catch that four or so seconds, it’s me saying that “The streets are fine, but the sidewalks are brutal.” Thanks to a Mountain Goats song for leading me to use that word.

Some people get fifteen minutes of fame. I got four seconds of saying the sidewalks were brutal on NBC 4.


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