A Brief Thought : When is it Appropriate to Ask, “Are You Pregnant” or to Imply Pregancy?

Sometimes you see a woman with whom you have not kept in contact in awhile, and for some reason you notice that she looks a bit different than you remember. She looks a little — could it be — pregnant?

You might think it okay to take it upon yourself to ask your friend how far along she is. Nope!

Is it ever polite to talk about another person and speculate how pregnant that person is? Absolutely not.

Here is a list of the times it is appropriate to ask a woman about if she is pregnant, how pregnant she is, etc:


Absolutely never, if you want to be safe. This is to say, never when it is not brought up by the person themselves. “Hey Charlie,” they might say if your name is Charlie, “Can you get me a pint of ice cream and a dozen bananas, because I am pregnant and am super in the mood.” That is one way a person might tell you.

Recently, some less than pleasant comments were made about Saturday Night Live actress Cecily Strong appearing to be pregnant. It got so downright ugly that she addressed the rumors via Twitter.


If Cecily were pregnant it would be her business and the business of anybody with whom she would choose to share it. Not yours, and certainly not mine. When watching an actress on television, their state of pregnancy should not be as important as actually relevant issues — is she funny tonight? How’s her timing? Has she broken character at all?

It’s not our business. Don’t make it yours.


4 thoughts on “A Brief Thought : When is it Appropriate to Ask, “Are You Pregnant” or to Imply Pregancy?

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