The Wrath of Poopy Water That Rained From High

This morning as I was looking over my twitter feed I saw this interesting tweet from super-publisher David Boles :

Have you ever seen an article or message somewhere and then the very thrust of that came through in spades for you? That is exactly what happened this morning. I came into the office and my coworker commented that I needed to call the maintenance office, as there was an odd moisture on part of the carpet by one of the walls.

A few minutes later, my supervisor called me to ask me to get someone from the building to come up, because the toilet in his restroom was angrily overflowing. I went and informed them and came back up — and my coworker asked me to have a second look at the moisture, as it seemed to be growing. As I walked toward it, I heard an odd sound that was almost like the sound of rain — only we were indoors and the windows were shut, so that seemed improbable. I entered an office and found that there were a few places on the ceiling that were now pouring forth water. I pulled as much of the paperwork off of the desks as I could and started grabbing anything that could contain water and put them underneath where it was dripping.

I quickly put two and two together and realized that this office was directly below my supervisor’s restroom, and that this wasn’t just any water that was dripping down — it was dirty water. Okay, I’ll just write it — it was poop water, and it was raining down from the ceiling. My coworker and I continued removing paperwork from the office and replaced the initial small water containers with larger trash cans. I emptied the small containers into the sink and thought about how I had no issue handling this poopy water. Why? I regularly changed extremely filthy cloth diapers when my child was still wearing them, and I have spent many hours scraping actual fecal matter off of cloth diapers and liners. Better that than making a large mound of diapers that will clutter a landfill, I say.

I called the emergency services again and asked them how things were coming along and they said that I had only just called in (well, my supervisor had called in) a minute ago. I said that this was true, but given the circumstances of the poop water raining from the ceiling, I wanted to make sure that they were taking this call as seriously as possible.

Not too long after this call, people from different departments (Environmental Health & Safety, for one) came to inspect and brought large machines to dry the carpets and clean and drain as much water as quickly as possible.

As much as I do enjoy seeing tweets come alive — next time, I would much rather the tweet be about enjoying a nice cup of coffee!


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