Forget Monday — Start Today!

I had a friend who would sometimes come over with a seemingly healthy combination of food — gluten free chips and hummus. We would then proceed to consume more calories in hummus and chips than a normal human should consume in a day, and follow that up with sharing a pint of ice cream. Every time it would be the same thing. We would agree — “the diet and exercise starts on Monday!” Come Monday, we would have already forgotten about the promise and would continue as usual. Much to nobody’s surprise, we both put on weight doing things like this. This went on until I realized the major problem — we were hanging our hopes on starting the program on Monday, as if there were something preventing us from starting that very day. We did not have to eat in such quantity — we chose to do so.

I started counting how many chips I took and stopping at a certain number. I also started Focus T25 and using Chocolate Vegan Shakeology every morning after the workout. It took about fifteen weeks to complete the program, as I will detail in my forthcoming review, but the results were absolutely there. I went from nearly two hundred pounds to one hundred and seventy pounds. Moreover, I felt stronger and a lot less out of shape.

The important thing that got me there was realizing that Monday wasn’t the holy day of starting diet and exercise that I made it out to be — I could start that very day if I wanted to do so. Once I put the brakes on the Monday notion, I was able to just start eating better and exercising every single day and not think about whether I had started on the right day or the wrong day. I eventually worked out my schedule so that my day off exercise coincided with the seventh day of the week (Saturday) and so I didn’t have to be concerned with waiting until Shabbos was over to start my workout. I strongly recommend if you are thinking of starting an exercise routine, don’t wait until January 1st or even until Monday — start today. Make the time and do it. You will be grateful that you made the choice.


3 thoughts on “Forget Monday — Start Today!

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