Say NO to Disposable Bags!

It is probably just my wildly overactive imagination — but I know people who seem to treasure and collect disposable bags as though they were stuffed with golden coins. I do realize that the presence of the golden coins would make the bags probably rip, but please try to follow the meaning not too literally. I see them going out to grocery stores and pharmacies and supermarkets and bodegas (a small shop typically only found in New York City, as far as my extremely biased knowledge goes — let me know how wrong I am!) and they always get a plastic bag regardless of how many or how few items they have, and regardless of whether or not they already have a plastic bag or even a reusable bag (such as a messenger bag) on their person!

I see the bags pile up and stack together and gather like fans of the Burning Man festival and it makes me a bit sick to the stomach, thinking of what a tremendous waste the bags are. I hope it’s not just me.

When I go to a pharmacy and I have one or two things to purchase, I always carry them out in my hands — or put them in my messenger bag, if I am wearing it. I always have to tell the person behind the counter that I do not need a bag. Same deal goes for when I go to the supermarket, only there I always have a reusable bag with me. I have heard all of the studies about how you have to use a reusable bag a certain number of times before it is better than a disposable bag and I have to mention two things on this. One is that I have a bag that I carry with me to work that I have used daily for the last four years — so it has been used well over 1200 times at this point. The second thing is that the plastic bag will be in that landfill for multiple centuries. So, so frustrating.

Do yourself and the world a favor this holiday season and try to say no to disposable bags. There are many reusable bags that can be collapsed and fit nicely in the pocket when not in use. If you are only getting one small thing from a store, don’t get or use a bag at all — unless, of course, you need the free hands to crush some candy!*

* I am quite grateful that I have never installed this time leech on my phone.


2 thoughts on “Say NO to Disposable Bags!

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