If it were Feasible, Someone Would Have Done It!

One of the things I hate to hear from someone when I tell them about an idea that I have had is that if it were feasible, somebody would have already done it. The inference of this statement is that it is just not possible that I have though of something that has no validity because if there were validity, the many people who thought of the idea before me would have already done something about it. This is simply not the case — there are countless examples of instances where people have had ideas that were equally valid beforehand but had not yet been properly implemented.

Think about the UPS — the United Parcel Service. Prior to 1907, the company that later became the UPS did not exist and there really was no way to get a parcel from one part of the country to another quite reliably. Granted, at first the UPS did not offer this service either but they grew over time and toward a great goal — worldwide delivery. I can just imagine the founder of the company having a conversation with a friend prior to starting the company.

“I have an idea for a company that will eventually take packages all over the world.”

“All over the world? That’s impossible!”

“I mean, I know that nobody has done it yet, but…”

“Of course nobody has done it yet. That’s because it’s not possible. If it were feasible, someone would already have done it!”

The message here is that you don’t have to be the first person to have an idea — plenty of people have ideas. As we have previously stated here, coming up with ideas is actually the easy part. Think about how many people start writing novels for National Novel Writing month with perfectly good ideas. Now think about how many of those people actually cross the “finish” line and end up with books with which they are genuinely happy.

Think about the workout video series Insanity, which I presently use six times a week — there will be a review, rest assured. (As well as Focus T25, I am still working on it!) Before Insanity was made, there was nothing like it in the workout dvd market. What if someone told Shaun, “Don’t bother, it’s not possible — someone would have already made that kind of workout if it were possible” and he actually believed it? Someone probably did tell this to someone who may have had a similar idea Shaun, who then went on to make nothing.

Just because nobody has done it yet, doesn’t mean that the idea isn’t feasible — it just means that nobody has done it yet. Either that, or it’s sitting in someone’s garage in Topeka and it has not yet been discovered!


3 thoughts on “If it were Feasible, Someone Would Have Done It!

  1. I know a good number of fledgling authors who have talked themselves out of writing with the idiom that “there are no original ideas” or “it’s all been done”. It’s a sad, sad thing to sell yourself so short as to imagine that you haven’t a single original, useful concept within your entire being.

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