GetGlue Just Snubbed Their Entire User Base, and Don’t Seem to Care

A few years ago, I was turned onto the site and iPhone app GetGlue, which let you “check in” to things — watching television, movies, listening to music — and then unlocked physical stickers that would be mailed to you, once a month. I love stickers and have for most of my life, and so I was thrilled with this. I would check into all of my favorite television shows and once a month request my sticker sheet — at first they mailed the stickers to you in the order that you virtually received them. They then changed this about ten months ago so that you could select which stickers you wanted in every order.

I really loved this change to the program because I would check into my favorite shows and once the season was over, I would order all of the stickers related to that show. When Orange is the New Black had all of its episodes released at once on Netflix, people could check into the show once a day and get one of fourteen different stickers. I therefore have an entire sticker sheet that has those fourteen stickers as well as six filler stickers — miscellaneous movies that I like, etc.

This morning I opened the app to see when I could next order a sticker sheet and saw a link to a page demanding that the change to the program regarding physical stickers be withdrawn — what? I thought perhaps it was a hoax, but when I opened a new page and looked at the GetGlue official blog, I saw that it was not a hoax at all. Indeed, as of today there is no possibility to get physical stickers. There were nearly a thousand comments on the blog entry the last time I looked, and all of them said the same thing — this is a mistake, do not do this, bring back the stickers.

Indeed, they very well SHOULD bring back the stickers. The only reason the majority of people joined the program is TO GET STICKERS. People are not interested in virtual pictures of stickers that require no effort to get — anyone can just download any picture of a sticker off the web site. One of the big things was that if you wanted the sticker, you had a window of time in which you could check into the show or movie. If you take away the physical stickers and just leave pretty pretty pictures, nobody is going to bother ever checking into anything — what is the incentive? A collection of virtual stickers?

Indeed, one of the responses from GetGlue made me laugh.

We know that this is a hard pill to swallow. Nobody loved the sticker program more than we did, which is why this decision was so tough to make. There really are some incredibly things coming, and we can’t wait for you to see them! The future is bright!

No, it is not bright for those of us who love physical stickers — and I think that means nearly everyone who joined the service. Nobody loved the sticker program more than you did? Poppycock — we all clearly loved it more because WE WOULD NOT HAVE SHUTTERED IT. Many people on the blog are offering to pay for the stickers that they have already unlocked — guess how much of an actual response they are getting?

Until such a time that GetGlue takes back this stupidity of a move, I will NOT be using their service again.


One thought on “GetGlue Just Snubbed Their Entire User Base, and Don’t Seem to Care

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