Zimmerman caught Zimmermanning Again

I genuinely do not wish to write another article involving George Zimmerman. Today was supposed to be an article about productivity and procrastinating, but then this headline popped up and grabbed my attention — that George Zimmerman had been taken into custody and had been arrested yet again.

The lad is barely thirty and he has already been arrested how many times?

One would think that a person with the ability to get off the charges he faced the first time, followed by the second time, would want to do everything in his power to avoid getting hauled into the station, as it were, another time. It appears that this is not the case at all.

Is getting arrested some kind of odd joy for Zimmerman? Perhaps he thinks this will ultimately lead to a Kardashian-like media deal, and so it is worth staying in the headlines for a little bit longer? I would think that if he wanted to be on television so much, he would take a little time and spend it in community theater and work his way to the top the way most hard working actors do.

Could it possibly be a desire to be caught? I never fully understood that. A person, for example, in a relationship will make every effort to get caught cheating on their spouse — because they would rather get caught and face the consequences that way than to have the courage to stand up and admit that they no longer feel the same way about the relationship that they once did? Could it be that he feels so badly about his first arrest and its results that he keeps acting out this way in an effort to get somehow punished?

Then again, it could just be that Zimmerman is a bit of a doofus and is destined to get arrested time and time again because he thinks that perhaps the next time he commits a crime, he will somehow get away with it. This strategy somehow didn’t work, maybe if I break the law an entirely different way I can do it and not face any punishment…


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