Gordon Davidescu Writing Updates for November 14

Firstly I would like to have a good laugh at myself — the version of myself that posted this article about how I would win the National Novel Writing Month contest. It is now looking like only a good miracle or a couple of days of really impressive writing is going to make that happen. Nevertheless I will press on with it because I really enjoy the plot that I have developed and I want to make this book happen.

Next, I would like to invite you to visit my online shopping presence in the form of Books and Things which currently has only two versions of one book — and no things. There are two versions of the novella Kate for sale. Both come autographed. There is one version that comes with a short story at the back of the book that I hand write — and every single copy will have a different story. That is to say that no two copies will have the same story — each copy will be in a way unique. The stories, incidentally, are all entirely tangential to the narrative of Kate. They either feature main or side characters, and have a variety of focus. I aim to ultimately write 100 short stories at the back of copies of Kate.

As the fiscal year of 2013 is winding down I am nearing completion of my reading of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (plus The Hobbit) that I began on January 1st. What is special about this to me is that I have never before read the four books prior to this year, although I have attempted to do so on a number of occasions and was only stopped by my own being overwhelmed by the number of pages in the four books. What I did differently this attempt is that I took the number of chapters of the four books and divided them neatly among the fifty two weeks of the year, so that in any given week I would be only reading one or two chapters. That worked very well for me and I will more than likely read the books again next fiscal year, perhaps even adding more Tolkien books that are related to the mix.


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