A Brief Thought : Voila

Something really set me off today and I just need to put this out there — the word is VOILA.

It’s not WALLA, it’s not WALLAH, and it’s not a lot of other things — it is spelled v-o-i-l-a.

The word comes to us from the glorious French language, and is basically the verb voire (to see) and la (there) — see there!

Example use : I put these ingredients together, put them into a pan and cook over a high flame for an hour and VOILA — the food is cooked!

The word is related to another word — voici. Voici didn’t make it into English, probably because it was deemed unnecessary. It basically means — see here, or see this.

I hear people saying it incorrectly as well. I am not going to get into the proper pronunciation of the vowels, and I will certainly not enter into a rant about how most people cannot say deja vu correctly.

So remember — voila! The word has a V and not a double v right up front.

Thank you.

(By the way, if you are wondering what is the reason I chose the image for this article, it is because the Romanian word for pot is oală, which is pronounced how people mispronounce voila, more or less.)


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