How I Will “Win” The 2013 National Novel Writing Month Competition

Since 2002, I have entered the month long competition known as the National Novel Writing Month competition, or NaNoWriMo, just about every year. Also every year, I have fallen far short of the target goal of 50,000 words. I would further like to add that with all of the projects I have started over the last twelve years, I have gone exactly nowhere with the lot of them — so the question is why am I entering once again this year, and what is going to be different this year?

The reason that I am entering once again this year is that, just like the reason I do my best not to skip missions when playing Grand Theft Auto V, I am not by nature a quitter. I realize that for many of you this might seem a bizarre analogy, but bear with me. The other night, I was playing Grand Theft Auto V with my wife and roommate watching, and they asked why I kept on pursuing a particular mission when I kept on failing spectacularly over and over again — and I had the option to skip it? The reason is that it is true that you can progress further in the game by skipping a mission — but succeeding at the mission after failing numerous times is a tremendously great feeling. When you persevere in the face of repeated failures and succeed, you feel great knowing that you did not give up.

It is the reason that this morning when I was doing my Insanity workout (there WILL be a review of Focus T25, rest assured) I kept on pushing through even at a moderated pace, when my body was telling me that it could go no further. When the workout was over and we were all stretching (we in this case being all of the people on television and I) I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

What is going to be different this year is that I have a daily plan that I have already implemented since the first day. I know where my novel has started, I have a pretty good idea of who the majority of the characters will be, and I know where the story will take me by the time it has concluded. It is just a matter of getting the words onto the page. I can then go back and refine it in December and January and if all works out well, unleash it later next year.

Let’s see where NaNoWriMo takes me this year — how about to the end?


2 thoughts on “How I Will “Win” The 2013 National Novel Writing Month Competition

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