Cutting in Line — Friday Fiction 5

He stood and patiently awaited his turn in line, knowing it would not be long before he had a delicious cream filled croissant.

An hour before dawn he had awoken to get his place in line and watched as one by one, the people eagerly grabbed at their limited edition treats.

While he waited, a man suddenly came from behind and shoved his way in front of him — and to think, he was almost at the front of the line.

“Excuse me,” he said, “but I have been here long before you even thought of making your way over, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t cut your way to the front of the line.”

“Well I don’t care about how long you’ve been waiting, but if you care about keeping all your teeth in your mouth and eating that cream filled croissant, you’ll shut it and let me be.”

He watched the man turn around and had dark, evil thoughts about what he would want to do to the person that had so rudely forced his way into his life.

It was incredible — with all of the people that were gathered at this cream filled croissant stand, one would think that someone would have the consideration to stand up with him against this bully, but it was not to be — everyone more or less watched the entire scene happened with jaws open.

One person actually had the nerve to film the entire scene with his telephone — the same telephone that could have been used, presumably, to call a moral authority (if there were such a thing) that protects against people cutting in line — but there is no such thing, and the person was far more interested in getting hits on a social media site than doing anything useful.

A second man pushed his way to the front, but this time there was no argument — if one man could push to the front, why could another man not do so?

He got right into the “personal space” of the man selling the cream filled croissants and yelled, “Death to the capitalist infidel!” before detonating a bomb on his chest — and it was the line cutter who lost his life to save that of the one who had waited for a cream filled treat for so many hours.

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