An Uplifting Experience, Going Down — Friday Fiction 5

Cecilia Sofia watched the number slowly go down as the elevator made its descent to the lobby of her building. It came to a stop at the third floor, and she exhaled forcibly — why was there always someone taking the elevator exactly when she was in a rush?

The doors opened and Cecilia noticed the person walking in had the most unusually large sunglasses on his face, which drew all the attention away from the mess of blond hair that seemed to have been glued directly to his head. He pushed the L button in the elevator, making Cecilia think that he perhaps didn’t realize that she was already en route to that same location.

“Going to the lobby?” he asked.

Despite not wanting to answer him with anything other than extreme sarcasm, Cecilia nodded and said “Yes.”

Somewhere between the second floor and the lobby, the elevator stopped and jerked upward ever so slightly.

Thirty seconds later, Cecilia looked at her watch.

Another thirty seconds passed and she looked at her watch again. “I heard that time goes by more slower if you look at your watch,” the young man said, “so that’s why I never wear a watch.”

“It actually has nothing to do with time really going more slowly, because that would defy science. It’s only your perception of time that changes — it seems to go by more slowly if you regularly look at your watch. It’s more slowly, by the way, not more slower. More slower doesn’t make grammatical sense.”

“I guess it’s a good thing the Grammar Police ain’t here to arrest me, huh? What’s your hurry, anyway? It’s eleven o’clock on a Saturday, where you gotta be?”

Cecilia sighed again. “I need to mail this today, and I know that the mailman comes around now, so I was hoping to get this into the outgoing mailbox before he got here.”

“You probably should have taken the stairs. You never get stuck on the stairs.”

“Thanks for the awesome advice, stranger. I’ll make sure to bear that in mind next time I”

The elevator started moving again. As the elevator arrived in the lobby and the doors opened, Cecilia saw the mailman start to walk out the door. She ran past the odd man on the elevator and out the door, letter in hand. “Wait, Jack!” she yelled, “I need you to take this, please!”

The letter went out on time. Next time, she thought, she would take the stairs — and avoid strange men with bad grammar.


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