You Are Not the Only One

You are not the only person who needs to take the subway today. Step fully inside the car and don’t assume that you are the last person to get on the train.

You are also not the only person shopping in the supermarket today. Blocking the entire aisle so that people can’t get by is rude.

You aren’t the only person at Starbucks or wherever you get your caffeine fix. Just because there’s a drink on the bar doesn’t mean it’s yours and that you should walk off with it. If they say “Caramel Macchiato for Tyrone!” and your name is Lauren, and you ordered a vanilla latte, you definitely shouldn’t grab the cup.

You are not the only one in the movie theater. This isn’t your house, so you don’t get to answer the phone or text people while you are pretending to watch the latest remake of Spiderman. It distracts people, and you need to leave the theater if that is what you so badly need to do.

You are not the only one that needs to walk on the sidewalk today. If you walk diagonally back and forth on the sidewalk while texting your friends, I pretty much have to bump into you to startle you into paying attention to the task at hand — walking somewhere.

What have you seen recently that makes you shake your head at someone’s behavior and think, “Does that person think they’re the only one in the world right now?”


3 thoughts on “You Are Not the Only One

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