Planning is GREAT! Implementing? Considerably GREATER!

Planning is great, but implementing your plans is even greater.

The best example of this I can think of at the moment is this very article.

I had the idea for it about two months ago, when it occurred to me how very many plans I had made and how many more ideas I had for plans that had not been yet made, which were tremendous in number compared to the number of plans that were actually being implemented.

Planning is great, but implementing — greater!

You can have a great diet plan — the best in the world. You can even have a whole schedule laid out for you — what you will eat Mondays in the morning, what will be lunch on Tuesday, how much coffee you will drink on any given day — the plan is fantastic. It isn’t until you actually implement the plan and make it a reality that you will start to lose weight, if that is your goal, or get in better health — both fully achievable not through the strength of the plan, but rather the power of the implementation!

To put it another way, think of the most beautiful buildings you have ever seen. I cannot think of more beautiful architecture than that of Gaudi, the kind of buildings I saw when I visited Barcelona in 1998. The initial phases of creating such amazing works of art include making a blueprint for the building — they are critical for builders to understand how wide things are to be, how long, how deep, etc. They provide all of the critical information necessary for going forth with the making of the building.

The only thing the blueprint cannot do is to actually build the building – that is the implementation of the plan.

If Gaudi had only made the plans for the buildings, people probably would not know his work.

Remember the greatness of Gaudi and move your plans into implementation. Will some plans fail? They certainly will — I know this too well, having started a daily Shakespeare scene blog that failed after a few months due to my inability to keep up with it. Amusingly, that blog ended after about four years of planning it — I was afraid of pulling the trigger because I thought it would be overwhelming, and I was right!

Don’t just plan — make it happen!

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