Why are People Posting Their Crimes Online?

I know I have written about this in the past, probably more than once. I just don’t get what would compel a person to tell the world about a crime they are planning to commit or one that they already have committed. I see this kind of thing too regularly to not write something about it — like this charming young man who went to an elementary school in Georgia with five hundred rounds of ammunition and started shooting at police.

No, we don’t need any restrictions on who can and can’t purchase automatic weapons. They definitely can’t ever end up in the wrong hands.

But in this case, this bright gentleman posted to his Facebook page that he was going to shoot his brother in the head and not even think about it. Mind you, I may be biased here because I love my brother beyond words and cannot imagine even hurting him a little, let alone do what this gentleman proposed.

Then you have cases like a woman who hit a bicyclist with her car and then tweeted about it after the fact, only to discover that when you shout out from the rooftops that you have committed a crime, someone is likely to hear you and tell the police about it. In this case, it turns out that the police are also capable of getting online and looking at Twitter.

Obviously people should not be committing crimes in the first place, but if you’re going to be in the position where this is what you will do, why make it that much easier for you to be caught? You can’t commit an atrocious crime and post videos of yourself doing it online and then expect to get away with it. Maybe you do so if you are subconsciously feeling guilty about what you did and actually want to get caught, but why would a person do so otherwise? To prove exactly how mighty they are, and that they can get away with anything? Ridiculous.

In the spirit of trying to make things just a little bit more positive in the world, could we all try to post examples of people caught in the act of doing something benevolent without anyone knowing that they are doing so?


2 thoughts on “Why are People Posting Their Crimes Online?

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