Looking Back on Checkmarks For Inspiration

Think about a movie you love in which people have a certain amount of time before they must do something — whether it is put on some kind of performance, or make some sort of presentation, or until there will be an event of importance. Think about how the majority of the characters in the film represent the passing of that time in the movie, almost always in the form of a montage with inspiring music behind it — it is of someone marking off the time by crossing off a date or dates on a calendar.

This morning, I was actually inspired by the vision of one such calendar. It was about five twenty in the morning, and it had taken me a bit longer than usual to get up and get ready to do my workout. I looked at the time and asked myself if I really had the time to do it. I reasoned that it would be about forty-five or fifty after by the time I was done, and would I then have time to shower and be ready to go to the synagogue where I pray in the morning?

It was then that I thought of the calendar with the crossed off dates. I thought about the last five weeks, and how I have gotten up every morning and crossed off that date by hitting play on my PS3 and doing my best to do the workouts, no matter how tired I was feeling at the time. I thought about the calendar and how terrible it would look if it had a large circle going around today’s date, indicating that I had missed the workout entirely. I realized that I just had to start, even if I was going to stop after five minutes — five minutes of a workout is better than nothing, and as one of the sources of inspiration for me said, even if you are just barely making it through the workout, you are still doing laps around anyone who is just sitting on the couch vegetating.

I didn’t want to let today’s date get a big 0 on it. I remembered what a teacher of mine said in grade school — even if you hand in your homework and it is almost entirely wrong — and you, say, get a 65% on it — you are doing far better than the person who did nothing and got a 0 for the day. Don’t let fear of a mediocre performance stop you from at least trying to accomplish your goals. You have to put in the effort to get it done.


One thought on “Looking Back on Checkmarks For Inspiration

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