The Beauty of a Kew Gardens Synagogue — Friday Photos 12

In the morning as you may know, I have a fairly set routine. Part of that routine involves going to a shul — also known as a synagogue or house of worship. Depending on what day of the week it is, prayer starts at either twenty or half after six, earlier if it is a special day like Rosh Chodesh (head of the month) as they have more prayers. I thought I’d share some of my morning view. First up is the washing station, where people can wash their hands prior to the start.

Next up we have a bookshelf full of siddurs, or prayer books. You will also find on this shelf a number of other books including books of Jewish law and the Chumash, or the five books of the Torah and the relevant Haftorahs.

This next image represents the year divided by the weekly Torah reading as well as holidays, and who in the synagogue has chosen to honor a loved one or special occasion by sponsoring either the food given at the Kiddush, or the sanctification of the Shabbos or holiday through wine and food, or the third meal of Shabbos which is offered in the synagogue. Mind you, anyone can just walk in off the street and eat — there’s nobody at the door checking to see if you belong.

Next we have a rather beautiful plaque which contains the names of many people as well as the date on which they passed away. People pay to have names added here to serve as a reminder of the anniversary of their passing. We learn that the day of death is more important than the day of birth, because on the day of your death you can be held accountable for all that you managed to accomplish.

Next is a poster that I like — the Modiim prayer, which is said at one point during each of the daily prayers (there are 3) which represents thanksgiving. It’s on the wall for anyone who doesn’t want to look for it in their siddur. As a bonus, you can see Mr. Deutsch, who I mentioned in an article here.

Lastly, a lovely view I have every morning for the majority of the time I am there — the place from which the leader of prayer stands.

It is a fantastic place to be in the morning for me!


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