Kew Gardens Flowers — Friday Photos 11

Before you get too excited and think that I went on holiday to England, remember that I live in Kew Gardens in Queens, New York. That being said, there are plenty of beautiful flowers and other wildlife to be found in little Kew Gardens. My family is generally pretty indifferent to flowers — we all (save for Chaim) have allergy issues. I must admit that I do like the way they look in passing, however.

Before I start I would like to let you know that I know nearly nothing about flowers — genus, etc. I am going to therefore not be telling you what kind of flowers or other plants are here, but rather describing them in the way that I appreciate them. Here is the first one that caught my eye. I am reminded of Prince — the color purple tends to do that for me.

With these flowers, I really enjoyed how the different colors danced around one another.

I enjoyed two things about these flowers. For one, I really liked how brightly white they are. Moreover, they somewhat remind me of a group of trumpets, ready to sound out a blast or perhaps a call to action. Ready for work? Go!

These are not flowers at all but I love how proudly they stand up next to one another and reach toward the heavens.

When I was a child my mother told me that her father used to point to the greenery in the world regularly and ask her to number the different shades of green, if she were able to do so. This flower reminds me of that as I can keep looking at the different flowers and how many blues and purples and other colors can be found among the petals.

Lastly, I would like to show you an imposing and somewhat scary view that I had this morning while delivering a small packet for a friend — the stairs going up from the Roosevelt Island F subway station. Incidentally, I sometimes like to refer to stairs as an “effortscalator” because you have to make an effort to use them!

While I am not crazy about flowers and often think about the piles of them that surely must be sitting around landfills in plastic garbage bags, I do like the way they look when they are growing out of the ground and I sometimes have to remind myself of that — or just take a few photos and share them with you!


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