When Your Routine is Thrown off Course

Imagine you are driving somewhere unfamiliar and you are using mapping software to help get you there. You carefully listen to the voice as it guides you, turn by turn and street by street when suddenly it happens — you get cut off by a car and suddenly making a turn would plough you directly into the side of another car and so you go off course.

The software quickly ascertains where you are and recalculates, making a new course for you that takes you from where you now find yourself to where you need to be.

Something like that cut off happened to me this morning and I am still struggling to recalculate. I have a fairly strict morning routine — wake at 445, drink lemon with water, do an exercise routine, shower, do any dishes from the night before (that may have to change!) and then leave to go to the synagogue where I pray in the morning. I leave the house at either 6:10 or 6:20 depending on what time I am to be there that day.

This morning at around four I checked the time on my alarm clock, which is actually a Nintendo DS. I must have hit a button that triggered the system to ask “are you sure you want to turn off the alarm?” but I did nothing further. Unfortunately, this also did not permit the alarm to go on at the scheduled time and I ended up waking at ten after six.

My routine was throttled. I got up and quickly put on deodorant, got dressed, and left. No lemon water, no workout, no shower, and no dishes — I’m sure my wife will be most displeased at the latter.

My evening routine is also fairly fixed but it now needs adjustment. I get home and make dinner for my son, then entertain him and sometimes just watch television until it is time for his bath and getting him ready for bed. The time for lemon in water has passed and I cannot make that up later but I certainly am not interested in missing a workout day — so the question is when in the evening I will do it.

When your plans for the day are derailed, think of the car software. Where do you want to be by days end and what do you want to have done — and what do you now need to do to make sure that happens? Get out your to do list!


One thought on “When Your Routine is Thrown off Course

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