Wonderings About True Blood — or How Did We Get Here?

The way that I started watching True Blood was after my wife and roommate both suggested that we try it — they saw a preview of it before an episode of Big Love, a show that fascinated the three of us at the time. It was the spring of 2010 and the third season was set to start airing. At the time, HBO On Demand allowed you to watch the entirety of the first season for a limited time, which was then going to be followed by the second season being available on demand until the start of the third season.

As soon as we were done plowing through both the first and second seasons, our roommate received a box set of the first nine books as a birthday gift and between the two of us, we read all nine in rapid succession. I was very fond of how closely the first season of the show followed the first book, and the second season to the second book for the most part. In the last three years, however, the book series and the television show based on said series have strayed further and further apart — leading us to where we are now.

Now when I watch True Blood, I can’t help but feeling like I am watching a show that happens to have some characters with the same names as the characters in the Sookie Stackhouse book series, but beyond that not much is the same.

The television series introduced something called The Authority during season five, along with the idea of The First Vampire, Lilith, from whom all vampires ultimately come. Then at the end of the fifth season, Bill drank the blood of Lilith and, for all intents and purposes, somewhat became her. Bilith, some fans called him.

Now the vampires of Bon Temps are being imprisoned due to new Louisiana legislature and the anti-vampire governor. This leads to the governor’s daughter being kidnapped and turned into a vampire.

Then you have a whole crazy story line with Terry, who is a Vietnam veteran in the books and a Gulf War veteran in the show (understandable change) who feels remorseful about what he did during the war, and (SPOILER if you haven’t seen this last Sunday’s episode) ultimately takes his own life from the guilt, even after a vampire attempts to remove the memory from him.

Then you have a whole other crazy story about Andy Bellafleur getting a fairy pregnant, and having four daughters with her who quickly grow up to being what appears to be college age.

They also entirely changed the story of how Sookie’s parents were killed entirely.

If you are wondering at this point why we continue to watch the show despite how odd and different it has gotten, we are right there with you in wondering. It could be one of those things where we stick with it because we have been watching for so long at this point. I must say that I am a bit heartened — I have read today that the seventh season is supposed to bring the show back to a bit of normalcy — in a manner of speaking!


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