The Five Minute Approach to Exercise

I am currently in the third week of the Shaun T led workout program Focus T25. It has been great for me as most mornings I only have half an hour to work out and each of its workouts are twenty five minutes in length. There are some mornings when I wake up, however, and I think to myself that even that is asking too much — I did just have a twenty five hour full fast, imbibing in no liquid and eating no food. (I am reminded of an ex-girlfriend who would tell me that “Man does not live on bread alone” when she would do 72 hour liquid fasts.)

On mornings like today, when I didn’t think I could make it, I make myself a deal. I tell myself that I will work out for just five minutes and see how I am doing at the end of it. Invariably, at the end of the first five minutes I tell myself that I may as well go another five minutes. This process actually repeats itself and soon I am down to the last five minutes of the workout and I tell myself that I should finish it out since I have gotten so far. At that point you can bet that I am relieved that I chose to invest in those first five minutes.

Think about how the morning could have gone in a drastically different direction. I could have woken up and thought that I could not make it through the workout and just did the dishes for forty five minutes, working at a leisurely pace. I wouldn’t have even tried to exercise and I certainly wouldn’t feel as full of pep as I do right bow, having gotten through the workout.

Sometimes when you think a task is insurmountable and you just want to entirely skip it for a day or more, the best thing to do is to dive into the pool for a few minutes, and just find out how completely capable you are of doing it — as long as you give it a go for those first five minutes!


3 thoughts on “The Five Minute Approach to Exercise

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