Writing Updates

Here’s what is going on with me, writing wise.

I am going to be appearing at the Odradek’s Cafe in Kew Gardens, New York to do a reading from my novella Kate. You can buy a signed copy there for less than it is listed on Amazon. If you aren’t able to make it but still want a copy of the novella, you can get it by either going to the Amazon page for it or by donating $15 or more to my Indiegogo campaign — I am raising money to do an educational / entertaining web series featuring a puppet that strongly resembles Andy Rooney.

If you want to read Kate on your Kindle or your electronic device that allows you to use a Kindle app, you can buy it here. Of course, the e-book version of the novella is the cheapest but the paperback is the most papery.

I am working on the first chapter of a new work of fiction which I hope to publish serially online here and eventually for the Kindle and in paperback. I would like to say that I will publish a new chapter of the work every week but of course I cannot guarantee that will happen. Sometimes life really does get in the way of us doing what we really want to do — but then again, sometimes we just have to push back and say that we want to get our things done!

I have decided to take the play which preceded Kate and to which Kate was a sequel and rewrite it as a novella so that you don’t have to go to a theater to enjoy the storyline of “Getting Over It.”

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