Neither Despair Over Nor Forget Past Failures

Over the weekend I had a great idea for something I wanted to write for Monday. I should have fired up the easy to use WordPress app and made a few notes for myself but I did not. As a result, when Monday rolled around I was sitting and staring at a blank screen trying to remember what it was I wanted to write. Then it was time to work, and during my lunch hour I tried again to no avail to remember the topic but it was gone. It may return to me out of the blue or be triggered by seeing something tangential but it was not to be.

What I should have done as soon as I saw that the topic wasn’t coming to me was to just put the blank page aside and ask myself what I wanted to write instead. It’s a bit like struggling to open a jar for an hour instead of just putting it aside and spending that time preparing something else to eat.

This morning I woke with a sense of sadness that I had missed a day of writing due to my harping over the memory of the good idea. I quickly snapped out of it and remembered something I am going to write here — there is no sense in despairing or dwelling over your past failures,

Your past failures are gone and there is nothing you can do to undo them, generally speaking. Having written that, we must not entirely forget our past failures. Rather, it is prudent to bear them in mind to some extent when faced with similar scenarios and when making plans for the future. When I have a good idea in the future am I always going to write it in some form? Perhaps not, but I believe that I will more likely do so, remembering the day that I spent not writing because I had forgotten that one idea.

Do not despair over your past failures — just don’t forget them! It may be your past failures that lead to your greatest successes in life.


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